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(2) Development of a decision memorandum seeking permission to award a bridge contract. The receiving authorities covered in point 16.191 (c) (3) must sign and approve the application before the supplier initiates a request or engages in further negotiations on the allocation of the bridge. Contract agents include, in all bridge contract authorizations, that this agreement and the transitional agreement contain the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement and replace all proposals, negotiations, agreements and prior assurances, in writing or orally, in relation to the purpose of this agreement. (3) sub-paragraphs (i) (iii) the authorities for the recommendation and approval of bridge contracts. The referral authorities and the receiving authorities should not be the same person. (2) The DLA Acquisition Bridge Contracts Report to the Acquisition Acquisition Division until the 10th of each month and contains the status of all bridge contracts for a duration that has not yet expired. i) The agent recommends, and the HCA approves the first bridge contracts. The HCA may delegate authority to the ORC for measures of up to $1 million. (ii) The HCA recommends and competition counsel DLA approves the second bridge contract, with the exception of measures for which the Deputy Acquisition Director DLA is also the HCA. For measures where the Deputy Director of Acquisition DLA is also the HCA, the head of the DLA Acquisition Operations division refers the recommendation of a second bridge contract to the DLA competition lawyer, who remains the authority responsible for the authorization.

The recommendation authorities and the authorities responsible for receiving this paragraph cannot be delegated. (j) differences of opinion. If the holder and the adjudicator`s authority do not agree to a re-fixing of prices for a re-fixing period within sixty days (or within another time agreed by the parties) from the date on which the data required in paragraph (d) of this section is to be provided, the awarding entity immediately makes a decision in accordance with the dispute clause. For the purposes of paragraphs (f), (g) and (h) of this section and until the final settlement of the dispute in the context of the appeal procedure, the absence of appeal or the agreement, this decision is considered to be an amendment to the contract executed. Pending the final count, the redefinition of prices for subsequent periods, if it exists, will continue to be negotiated in accordance with this purchase note. (b) bridge contracts interfere with competition premiums and contract agents limit their use in accordance with this paragraph. Contract agents can only use a bridge contract if it is not possible to award the timely follow-up contract to meet government requirements. A bridge contract may be appropriate if – (d) the authorization to award a bridge contract does not exempt the contractor from other regulatory requirements that the awarding entity must meet before awarding a contract.